Our story

Cities worldwide face major struggles in reducing private transport usage to solve traffic congestion, parking problems, and air pollution.

Kenflow by VUUMLY was created to help solve the urban mobility problems of European cities and increase the usage of environmentally friendly means of transport.

Our mission is to help businesses and cities acquire reliable mobility data to develop an effective infrastructure, making commuting faster, cheaper, and greener.


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Brief History


In October of 2022, a MaaS app VUUMLY was developed for the local market of the Baltic states. The idea was implemented and validated during the six months of the VEFRESH innovation start-up program, and the app was successfully launched for Android and iOS.


In January 2023, the development of kenflow.io data analytics solution began. The solution was validated with the local Baltic states’ carsharing and micromobility operators, whose feedback and involvement helped us create advanced shared mobility data analytics. These analytics will be useful to any shared mobility service provider in Europe.


Our plan for 2024 and beyond is to focus on data analytics to help Europe’s cities decrease the usage of private transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and allow urban planners to improve public transportation service quality and coverage. Our aim is to motivate commuters to choose sustainable mobility options in their daily lives for both longer and shorter distance travels.

Meet The Team

Jana Golubeva

Co-founder CEO

Business Development and Client Relationship Manager with over a decade of experience in various digital product development, focusing on finance and eCommerce sectors for B2B. As a former Product Owner at the third-largest commercial bank in Latvia, she built a Business Portal (SaaS) payment data aggregator and dashboard with real-time and historical data to help Baltic merchants make data-driven business decisions.

Eugene Zaremba

Co-founder CTO

Full Stack Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in web and mobile app development, Eugene has a passion for turning ideas into interactive applications and elevating global-scale products to new heights. He has built the first MaaS mobile application in the Baltic region by aggregating shared transport data from 15 shared transport service providers operating in the market.

Join the Big Data Revolution for Greener Cities in Europe!

We welcome collaborations with city municipalities, city planners, carsharing and mobility operators, mobility experts, and investors who share our commitment to creating a greener environment in European countries.

Together, we can work towards promoting sustainable mobility solutions and achieving our shared goals.

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