Discover Data-Rich Transport Usage Insights For Greener City Infrastructure

Gain valuable insights into citizen transport usage and commuting patterns to plan effective strategies for multimodal transportation systems and reduce private car use.

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Optimize sustainable transportation coverage and efficiency


Analyze commuter habits per time period or transportation type


Assess mobility patterns in different zones of the city to improve the area

Compare carsharing, micromobility, and public transport demand

Effectively plan mobility hubs placement based on real usage data

Here’s How Kenflow Revolutionizes Urban Development:

Reduce Private Car Usage For a Greener City

Use data-rich and user-friendly visualizations to optimize public transportation and shared mobility service coverage;

Simplify the job of urban planners with data-driven strategies to improve urban mobility and reduce traffic congestion;

Identify areas of improvement in sustainable urban mobility to attract more commuters, reducing private car usage and gas emissions;

Find optimal locations for electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring the greatest accessibility and convenience.

Improve Efficiency and Safety of City Streets

Analyze the efficiency of existing infrastructure and new mobility projects using dynamic, real-time data;

Investigate problematic traffic areas to invent solutions for traffic congestion and sustainable transport availability;

Join the future of data-driven green cities, attracting environmentally conscious investors for improving infrastructure.

Optimize the Placement of Mobility Hubs and Bike Paths

Get detailed insights on high demand areas for shared mobility and public transport;

Use precise, localized, real-time and historical trends to guide the planning of new infrastructure and services;

Access reliable data to assess the accuracy of mobility project budgeting, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and wasted resources.

Real Stories, Real Results

Be the Driving Force Behind Sustainable Urban Mobility of the Future

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Develop Multimodal Urban Mobility With Accurate Data

Reducing private car usage and increasing the popularity of eco-friendly transportation is only possible with high-quality data.

Kenflow offers dynamic, real-time data and advanced insights on commuter behavior patterns to help you make truly data-backed decisions for development of greener, multimodal city infrastructure.

Get a clear picture of how passengers use various modes of transportation, including short-distance travel and alternative transport methods, identify areas of traffic complexity, and make informed decisions when it comes to designing and implementing new mobility projects.

Did You Know?

Many cities in Europe use limited data when planning urban mobility projects or assessing the performance of existing infrastructure.

More often than not, only data from counting devices installed in public transport is available, accounting for just 15-60% of all public transport vehicles.

On the other hand, most app-based solutions lack enough users to represent all of the residential population and tourists.


carsharing and micromobility
fleet operators


ride patterns analyzed
every month


countries and markets

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Kenflow's data analytics for free?

Yes, you can try our limited analytics version and access data insights for free without registration or payment card.

Later, you can subscribe to the service to access both historical data and real-time data, and other premium features, for a starting price of 250 EUR per month for one city.

If you are interested in market research and market data about competitors for several cities, feel free to contact us for an individual offer. Also, if you change your mind, you can cancel the service anytime – no strings attached.

How does Kenflow's data analytics differ from the data available from the carsharing operator itself?

Kenflow’s data analytics provides a more comprehensive view of the market and competitors, with a larger dataset that enables accurate insights into trip usage patterns and other detailed metrics. Additionally, it allows operators to identify potential business opportunities not only in existing markets but also in new cities or countries where sufficient data may not yet be available.

Is Kenflow's insights customizable to fit my specific needs?

Yes, Kenflow’s insights can be customizable to cater to the individual needs of your business.

If you can’t find a market you’re interested in on, contact us and we will individually obtain data for you on any city, any country and all operators operating in that market.

How does Kenflow obtain mobility data?

Kenflow gathers data primarily from publicly available sources and through direct collaboration with operators. Our team also constantly develops algorithms and creates new data selection options to cater to your business needs. For instance, you can filter the data by time period (days, weeks, hours), car type, car model, operator, city, and more.

In which cities do you have market data available?

We currently provide market data for the Baltic States (Riga, Vilnius, and Tallinn), as well as Poland (Warsaw), Bulgaria (Sofia), and Romania (Bucharest).

We add new country data to our database every month. If you’re interested in car-sharing data for other countries, don’t hesitate to contact us at, and we’ll do our best to collect it for you.

What happens after free trial? How will I be able to cancel my subscription?

No credit card is required to try Kenflow for free and explore the many benefits of Kenflow’s data analytics.

Try it out and later subscribe to the service to access more detailed insights for a starting price of 250 EUR per month for one city and one transport type. If you realize Kenflow is not for you, cancel your subscription any time – no strings attached.